TV App – Voice assisted TV app for Seniors

Skills: Sketch, Invision, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator , Flowmap, Uxpressia, Xtensio, Quicktime Player

Role: UX Designer, User Researcher, UI designer, Visual Designer & Interaction Designer

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The Problem

COVID19 has presented many challenges for people of all ages. Seniors are a specially vulnerable group, as shopping for groceries and/or medication puts them at high risk. Most of the existing apps do not offer EBT as method of payment and delivery can be costly.

The Result

Offering senior users a safe and convenient way to shop for essentials such as food and medicine with a TV app that is voice activated and has safety check-in features.



Once registered, the app will do “safety check-ins” to ensure the user is safe. The user will also be able to call “911” directly from the TV.



Provide an easy solution for shopping for weekly groceries, ordering medicine as well as provide entertainment.


Free Delivery

Partner up with LA food Bank and other community based nonprofits to offer free delivery through their volunteer base.


The community integrated TV app gives Senior Citizens easy access to food and medical help in a safe manner. It provides  them easy access to essentials such as groceries, medication and ready meals. They can also contact a Doctor, watch “how to” videos and connect with their family/friends via video chat. There are also  several safety features such as calling “911” and check- ins to ensure they are ok.

Initial layout for Landing pages after log in, option B  with all six navigational options upfront., and option C with three main categories. Both with alternative flow to category page.

Exploring how product details display, what  interactive map may look like, the UI for  pop-up symptom checker and how users can connect to Doctor via the app.


Conducting extensive user interviews and usability testing resulted in gaining useful insight to the major pain points of  the majority users.

What users want

  • Ask user if they need medical assistance at login to ensure user is ok.
  • “Easy Shop”, subscription program offer weekly meal plans with all items included
  • Provide user access to their primary physician
  • Ability to dial 911 or send alert.
  • “Health corner”, daily reminder to take meds, monthly reminders to order rx supplies etc.


Back end functionality

  •  Ability to “ping” user on app for safety check-in
  •  Volunteers in area will sign up to shop and deliver for elders for free
  • Donations and delivery from local stores/ restaurants
  • API for free food delivery such as LA food bank

User Flow Sign-on

Information Architecture

Visual Design

Learnability  and accessibility were the main driving forces behind the visual design.

Voice Enabled

Friendly tone is used to guide the user as they explore the app, as well as inform them of features as they browse. User has the option from all pages to turn the “Voice” off/on.


Large action buttons, high contrast and clear guided  language  for enhanced accessibility. User also has  the option to increase the font-size directly on the app for all pages. 


The TV app can be synced via Bluetooth to handheld device of choice making it more accessible for users. User can easily access  all the features of the app, including  location services for quick checkout, safety features such as calling “911” and connecting to their family and friends. 

Voice assisted registration video