In-N-Out Prototype
Skills: Sketch + Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator, Uxpressia, Flowmapp, Slack
Role: UX Designer, User Researcher, UI designer,  Interaction Designer & Visual Designer

The Problem

Although the in-store customer services experience is great, it does not extend through the entire eco-system. Customers experience  long wait times and consider it an inconvenience.

The Result

By observing the in-person restaurant experience, conducing user interviews, creating flow maps and establishing a service design blueprint we were able to extend  the in-person experience through the entire ordering process. Providing customers with an intuitive and accessible solution to place orders on their mobile devices. By testing the prototyping and quantitive research we were able to increase the customer satisfaction score.

The Solution

After extensive research, we created initial concepts for the In-N-Out Burger App. Our primary objectives were to develop an app that was easy to use,  mimicked the in-person ordering experience as much as possible, made it possible to customize orders, and gave users payment integration options.

The Research

In Restaurant Observation

Service Blueprint

We established a service blueprint based on the current state, which was nearly perfect. After careful observations, we chose to tackle the wait-time by offering an online ordering experience.

Service Design Pattern

The Experince

Current Ordering Experience

Using the current as well as the ideal state we created story boards to bring our vision to life.

Proposed Ordering Experience

Design and Iteration

Initial Sketches

We did  “crazy eights”, to create eight rough sketches to flush some ideas out. After careful review and voting process, we decided to move forward with an online ordering app.

Initial App Design

Iteration round 1

As we observed the testing process, we saw an opportunity to create a interstitial page to add milkshakes as during our study we found this was a popular item to order with meals.



Iteration round 2

Users also had a hard time clicking on the single item add-ons due to small buttons and flow. The user interface was redesigned to be human centered and easier to make selections. The option add more items prior to checkout was also added

Final Iteration

After conducting user testing with a clickable prototype  on 7 users, the key take aways were to add more options to customize the ordering process including, drinks, toppings and condiments.

Link to App Prototype


Affinity Map