Voice assisted Ordering TV app for Seniors (COIVD-19)

Link to App Prototype

COVID- 19 and Seniors

As of jun 18, 2020 there are 8.06M  confirmed cases in the world. Out of those about 25% (2.21Million) are in the US.

Approximately 15% ( 47 million) of the population of the United States are Seniors (based on 2017 census.gov).  Only 3% live in nursing homes. Which means 97% of them may  not have assistance.

In 2017, the median income of the four-fifths of people age 65 and older who are fully retired was $19,352.


Designed By

Violet Khodagolian




UX Design, UI Design,  Visual Design, Interactive Design, TV App Design

TV app - Voice assisted Ordering app for Seniors (COIVD-19)

Link to App Prototype

The Problem

COVID19 has presented many challenges for people of all ages. Seniors are a specially vulnerable group, as shopping for groceries and/or medication puts them at high risk. Most of the existing apps do not offer EBT as method of payment and delivery can be costly.  Due to the stay-home order, they also feel isolated which is not good for their mental well being.

The Solution



Once registered, the app will do “safety check-ins” to ensure the user is safe. The user will also be able to call “911” directly from the TV.



Provide an easy solution for shopping for weekly groceries, ordering medicine as well as provide entertainment.


Free Delivery

Partner up with LA food Bank and other community based nonprofits to offer free delivery through their volunteer base.

The community integrated TV app  gives Senior Citizens easy access to food and medical help in a safe manner. They can order groceries, medication and ready meals. They can also contact a Doctor, watch “how to” videos and connect with their family/friends via video chat. There are also  several safety features such as calling “911” and check- ins to ensure they are ok.

User Persona

Meet Mike, our avid user! Since COVID-19 he feels unsafe when going out for shopping and tries to avoid it all cost. He loves watching TV and “how to” videos on his phone.

Lean Canvas

Initial Sketches

Ideating on various possible UI solutions with initial sketches. 


Voice Assisted Registration Video

Link to App Prototype