The Weather Company

 Figma, Sketch, Invision, Photoshop, Flowmapp, Slack
Year: 2020 Student Project

The Problem

As consumer behavior has shifted from TV to smartphones and The Weather Company’s base audience has shrunk, we are looking for ways to adapt. The content we provide is still important however we need to change the way we deliver it.

The Result

By developing an online platform(web and/or mobile) that is easy to integrate with existing platform,  up-to date accessible and accurate weather data and forecasting, we are able to provide vital weather data to industries which depend on accurate weather forecasting in a convenient manner.

The Solution

Design an enterprise level dashboard which provides the user with a streamlined and well integrated user experience. Using visual cues to display important data and easy-to-recognize controls.



The Design

Final mockup




Key Insights from User interviews

Competitive Analysis

Measurements of Success



The Ecosystem

About the Weather Company

The User