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Project Scope

Originally a poem turned into a book highlighting the importance of the act of dreaming and pursuing those dreams, regardless of age. The Sweet Dreamer book, was a passion project and I had to wear many hats for this project, but enjoyed it immensely.

As we had no budget, but just and idea, after much research we decided to crowdfund our idea. We  also chose to create a kickstarter campaign to fund the book. It turned out to be a great success, we exceeded our goal of $7,000 and managed to publish 300 copies, sold via amazon.

As an outreach to the community we also did readings and interactive “Sweet Dreamer” activities for kids between 7-10 years of age at various schools in Los Angeles.




 Illustration, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Web Design & Development,  Publisher, UX Design


The Sweet Dreamer Book


One of the biggest challenges with this project was to coordinate our busy schedules and working with no budget. We decided to hire an intern for our social media campaign so we could focus on book and marketing.

Growing up my Mom always encouraged me to follow my dreams. As an adult, I realized that this is fairly uncommon. What is more common is that we are taught to be practical and responsible, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams.

Everything else we can be taught how to do, but nobody can teach you how to dream!

- Violet Khodagolian
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