UI User Flow – Spirit Airlines

Project Scope

During the research process it was  observed that the tone is friendly and the branding is well executed in terms of use of color and font consistency. However the overall booking process feels clunky and lacks a few key elements such as, unclear labeling, poor information architecture , and no progress bar to indicate what’s next

The problem

Two friends are looking to book a direct flight from LAX-LAS, as they are on a budget, they are flexible on the dates. One of them is a nervous flier, so they’d like to sit next to each other and bring a dog along.

  • Passenger 1 has only one carry-on and no need to check luggage.
  • Passenger 2 wants to check in a luggage and bring a small dog on the plane.
The Solution

The lengthy process of booking  a direct flight with a pet (app. 20 screens), was simplified to 10 steps with the added benefit of being able to add a pet without leaving the app.  The following major changes were implemented for improved user experience.

  • Redesigned landing page to make better use of space
  • Combined some options and simplify process to have less steps
  • Added ability to save input data
  • Clarify specific icons and improve language to be more descriptive
  • Created a progress bar
  • Add the function of ”adding a pet” inside the app



UX Design, UI Design,  Visual Design, Interactive Design, App Design

Current Booking Flow

Proposed Booking Flow