UI Contact Form – Spirit Airlines

Project Scope

Passenger wants to bring along their support animal for a domestic flight. They are researching different airlines to see which offers the best options. As they frequently fly with Spirit they have and account and are hoping to find answers via the app.

The problem

To find information on the app was difficult. The flow is lengthy once you begin the submission process and confusing.

  • The amount of options are overwhelming
  • User confused by subject line and inquiry topic difference
  • No progressive bar
  • Error message only appears after you submit
The Solution

By reconstructing the information architecture, combining fields where possible, and enhancing the design, the suggested form flows solve all the initial problems observed. The solutions allow for users to submit their inquires faster with less pain points.

  • Combined some options and simplify process to have less steps
  • Added ability to save input data
  • Clarify specific icons and improve language to be more descriptive
  • Created a progress bar
  • Offer two options for forms



UX Design, UI Design,  Visual Design, Interactive Design, App Design

Current Contact Form

Proposed Contact Form