Branding – my DTLA Florist

Project Scope

My DTLA florist is  florist offering affordable flowers and free flower delivery in Downtown Los Angeles. Their target audience is mainly businesses in and around the DTLA  area. They wanted to generate a buzz as a new business in the area and offer incentives for local businesses.

The Solution

During our brainstorming we came up with two main  ideas to pursue;   1)   affordable arrangements that would fit on a desk. As flowers are perishable, we wanted to create a product that was not forgotten the moment you the flowers wilted. So we custom-made coffee mugs and created an affordable introductory line which included the mug when you purchased the flowers.  2) help people shop for  flowers based on personality type




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My DTLA Florist


As with all small businesses, budget and time constraints were inevitable obstacles but we managed to launch all campaigns successfully and on time.

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