LA Food Bank – Experience Design

Skills: Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator , Flowmap, Uxpressia, Xtensio, Slack, Miro,
Year: 2020 Passion Project

The Problem

1 in 5 people in Los Angeles may not know where their next meal is coming from. That’s about 2 million people. Due to COVID-19 the demand has increased yet LA Food Bank does not have enough money to keep up with demand.

The Result

By redesigning the donation experience to provide a trustworthy  solution, we make it easier for shoppers to donate by making the process quick and safe while tangibly showing their impact.

The Solution

Donate while you shop

Create a convenient way for shoppers to donate money or food items while they shop.

  • Engaging donation kiosk experience. Our kiosk offers transparency, is voice activated and makes it easy to donate on the spot.
  • Donate later, QR codes displayed to donate at their convenience.
  • Disruptive marketing- displays and sign throughout the store indicating which items to donate.

The Design

Final Mockups

Donate from phone Experience
Mobile Donation Prototype

In-store Donation Experience



Empathy Map - Donor

Key Insights - Donor
  • People want to give. They usually just don’t know how.
  • We have an extremely limited amount of time to make an impression, capture their attention, and get them to donate.
  • We need to be trustworthy and transparent about where the donations go.
  • We need to give shoppers easy, quick ways to give while tangibly showing their impact.
  • Staying connected with easy ways to continue giving is key.
  • We need to provide a safe way to donate.
Empathy Map - Secondary Audience

Key Insights - Manager

  • Overwhelmed: any solution needs to be simple and easy to implement
  • Need funding: the top priority is funding to keep up with demand.
    • Food Bank may also not have as much money to spend right now
    • Harder to cultivate and maintain brand partnerships through telecommunication, rather than in-person
  • Passionate: can translate passion into something emotionally powerful for users that leads to joy for Ale


User - Donor

User - Secondary Audience

Stakeholders Map