LA Food Bank – Experience Design

About LA Food Bank

The organization was established in 1973 (Pasadena, CA) by chef Tony Collier, who started acquiring food that was going to waste and redistributed it amongst neighbors facing food insecurity.

The organization is constantly mobilizing resources to help the community, focusing on 3 main areas:

  • Distribute packages of food.
  • Provide education about nutrition.
  • Push changes on legislation to fight hunger.

Violet Khodagolian, Project Manager, UX Researcher, UX Designer & Content Editor
Reé Chen, UX Researcher & UX Designer
Brandon Hook, UX Researcher & Content Editor
Maria Banos, UX Researcher & UX Designer
Rainbow Li, UX Researcher & Content Editor




UX Design, UI Design,  Visual Design, Interactive Design, App Design

LA Food Bank

The Problem

1 in 5 people  in Los Angeles may not know where their next meal is coming from. That’s about 2 million people. Due to COVID-19 the demand has increased and the LA Food Bank does not have enough money to keep up with demand.

Demand has increased by 80% since the pandemic started, yet food donations have only increased 32%.

The Solution

Create an in-store donating experience. Kiosk will be using the device’s voice activated capabilities, the user will be able to navigate the different choices to make a donation on the spot, using a credit card. 

There are three ways to help;

  1. Give while you shop, and engaging donation kiosk experience. Our kiosk offers transparency, makes it easy to donate and will have and Immediate impact.
  2. Get connected to donate later. Some users will want to get connected and donate at their convenience
  3. Use the same time grocery shopping to find and donate food items


Target Audience

  • People want to give. They usually just don’t know how.
  • We have an extremely limited amount of time to make an impression, capture their attention, and get them to donate.
  • We need to be trustworthy and transparent about where the donations go.
  • We need to give shoppers easy, quick ways to give while tangibly showing their impact.
  • Staying connected with easy ways to continue giving is key.
  • We need to provide a safe way to donate.

Secondary Audience


  • Overwhelmed: any solution needs to be simple and easy to implement
  • Need funding: the top priority is funding to keep up with demand.
    • Food Bank may also not have as much money to spend right now
    • Harder to cultivate and maintain brand partnerships through telecommunication, rather than in-person
  • Passionate: can translate passion into something emotionally powerful for users that leads to joy for Alex