Skills: Sketch, Figma, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator , Flowmap, Uxpressia, Flowmapp, Slack
Year: 2020 Student Project

The Problem

Concerns for the safety of renters as well as host have increased in recent years, To ensure an experience users can trust, we want to create an environment, where hosts and guests alike, feel safe and comfortable.

The Result

I was able to explore the possibility of a matching algorithm enhancing the user experience and come up with a tangible solution for Airbnb. Using my UX skillsets also helped me better understand certain pieces  of the UX process.

The Solution

Final Mockups

Connecting through trust

Provide a marketplace that users trust by connecting like-minded people who share similar values.

The Design Process


The Research

Hosts and Guests

Building Trust

The Appendix

The User

Airbnb’s main website saw 91 million visits in January 2020 with 50% of traffic through mobile devices. As of 2020, Airbnb has over 400 agreements with local and national governments to automate the collection of tourism taxes, collecting over $2 billion in tourism-related taxes through these agreements.

User Journey