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Los Angeles Federal Credit Union

End-to-end UX  including; User Research, Competitive Analysis,  Information Architecture, UI Design, Visual Design, Interactive Design, and Product Launch

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Product design including; User Research, Competitive Analysis,  User Interface Design, Visual Design, Interactive Design, Prototyping, Iteration and App Design

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I am a mission-lead designer and inclusion advocate. With a combination of deep empathy, understanding of user needs and technical knowledge I design human centered end-to-end digital experiences.

Born in the Middle East, raised in Scandinavia, and now a U.S resident, I’ve been immersed in different cultures and adapted to new environments from a young age. My experiences have not only shaped me as a person, but they have also shaped me into an intuitive, empathetic and adaptive designer.

Though I have many mediums in which I express myself and have skills in, my work is predominantly focused around and in product and UX/UI design. Working across all aspects of the creative process with an open communication style and a collaborative approach, I successfully lead from the front and engage, influence and mentor my team(s) towards a shared vision, purpose and goal.

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“During our time working together, Violet displayed great talents in Product design, UX Design Research, Visual Design, aligning with Company goals and conducting Competitive analysis. When we first met, I was impressed with Violet’s attitude: I immediately understood that she knew how to deliver, she knew how to manage expectations, how to analyze and come up with solutions quickly. Her determined and flexible attitude makes you want her in your team as she will collaborate and fill-in where it’s needed.”

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Severine Tatangelo - CEO/Owner, Studio PCH

“Violet is a great person to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to websites and website best practices (SEO, CCPA, Accessibility, QA and more). I definitely recommend working with her!”

Lauren Bachmeier - Senior Account Executive Siteimprove

“Embodying a collaborative team spirit, Violet Khodagolian is a valued addition to any creative project. Having known her for more than a dozen years, I highly recommend her for creative problem solving, a strong work ethic and keen attention to detail. Violet is an intuitive designer who produces quality design work with precision and vision. Her deep design knowledge is matched with excellent leadership and communication skills.” 

Maria Fotopoulos - Writer, Editor, Project Manager

“Violet did our first website 10 years ago and has been our creative go-to person ever since.  A true leader with great communication skills and team spirit. She works great with our engineering team and has been a lifesaver for our online presence. With the help of her digital design  and user experience expertise we have  boosted our online conversions and increased user engagement tremendously. With a keen eye for details, and  incredible commitment to getting the job done, she is simply the best!”


“We first began working with Violet back in 2015. We were impressed with her ability to grasp and produce for us a proposal that was intelligible, yet elaborate in graphic representation and met our vision for this project with tight deadlines. Working with Violet was a pleasure. Throughout the entire process it was apparent that she was a passionate artist who loved her craft as she provided us with the flexibility to create numerous modifications that introduced special details to our proposal. Since then we have worked with Violet on several other projects.  Violet is truly a passionate graphic artist, a responsive-honest professional, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for design/graphic services.”

Francois Nion, Creative Director - JC Decaux North America

“I HIGHLY recommend working with Violet. She helped me with re-branding my company. She was incredibly thorough, creative and mindful with my vision.

She delivered clear solutions after doing some extensive research and helped me birth a whole new identity of my work.

I learned how much knowledge she had about product design, SEO and UX design. I also learned about her collaborations, leadership and problem solving skills while she was working at the Federal Credit Union.”

She is very impressive. Again she is highly recommended.

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Taryn Landberg- Leadership Coach



Asbarez Introduces New Digital Platform

The website was produced by Violet Khodagolian of DesigninLA and her collaborator Vachik Ghadimian. Aside from addressing the functionality of the website and the specific needs of Asbarez, these two young and energetic professionals had the arduous task of ensuring that our archives were properly migrated onto the new site, a task which proved to be much more tedious and time-consuming than initially expected. We would like to thank Khodagolian…

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Stay Curious and Creative

The Sweet Dreamer is a beautifully illustrated, fantastically imagined children’s picture book. It shares a powerful message about living our dreams, even as an adult. Saccareccia and her co-creator and illustrator Violet Khodagolian have tested the draft on a crowd ranging in age up to 86, however, and their feedback has been the same: This story is a beautiful way of reminding us to keep our sense of wonder alive.

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‘The Sweet Dreamer’: A Children’s Book for Adults Too

Violet Khodagolian is an art director and web designer.  Niki Saccareccia is a yoga instructor and a child therapist. Together, they have created The Sweet Dreamer, a “children’s book good for adults,” which they hope to bring to life with the help of a newly-launched Kickstarter campaign.

“Everything else we can be taught how to do, but nobody can teach you how to dream,” Khodagolian says.

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